CVS–Tanzania considers Maternal & Child Health Care (MCHC) as the key area in that child & mother’s vaccination is one of the most effective public health interventions that  can reduce child morbidity & mortality.  Vaccines can prevent many life threatening illnesses including diarrhea disease which is said to be a killer of many children.  Oftentimes, however mothers are not likely to obtain vaccines, even when available.

CVS-Tanzania also prevent the children from polio by providing education to the communities in the rural area on the importance of polio vaccination since the communities are faced with the problem of superstitions (local beliefs).  The biggest number of people in the rural do not accept vaccinations such as that of polio as they prefer traditional methods of healing that in most cases do not work as a result their children become lame due to lack of polio vaccination.

This is due to many well-known barriers to care including fear, lack of transportation & cultural practices. For example mothers may prefer to utilize traditional practice rather than medical interventions.

For this case CVS–Tanzania provides education to the communities to help eliminate superstitious beliefs that have been major cause of death to mothers & children although lack of Maternal & Child Health Care Services is another problem.  Having made sure that the societies are well educated therefore the required vaccinations are rendered to them.

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